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Welcome to Recon Overland and Off-Road, your top choice for heavy-duty, off-road trailers and 4×4 adventure vans. Based in Idaho, we fit right in with the thrill-seeking adventurers in the state and provide custom trailers and vehicles to support that lifestyle. Our trailers can take a beating and keep you on the road for the next adventure to come. Enjoy nature with a touch of luxury! Our trailers have premium furnishings, modern appliances, and superior durability.


Ground Clearance • Durable frames • All-Terraine Tires • Extreme Weather • Custom Built

At Recon Overland and Off-Road, we build custom overland trailers to take your next adventure to the next level. These trailers are equipped to drive over the rough terrain of Idaho for your self-guided exploration. Why settle for a bulky and hard-to-move trailer when you can upgrade to a custom-designed and backcountry-optimized off-road trailer?

Recon Overland Trailer is a custom-designed off-road trailer for all-terrain camping, hunting, and exploring the state of Idaho. It is built to have a small profile while still being large enough to haul everything you need for a comfortable overland adventure.


Discover the most remote trails with Overlanding vehicles and a unique rooftop tent. At Recon Overland and Off-Road, we are a Cascadia Vehicle Tents (CVT) dealer, giving you various size options and some customization aspects. We offer customizable awnings, rooftop tents, and trailer accessories so your next venture into the wild can meet all of your needs. With variations of color, tent size, and accessory types, your CVT will not only function the exact way you want but also look incredible. Camp can be wherever you park with Cascadia Vehicle Tents. Take your vehicle as far as it will go, pitch your CVT up for an easy-to-set-up, and remove campsite.

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In addition to our trailers, we build custom 4×4 all-terrain vans to take you to new heights. These 4-wheel drive vans are ready for open roads, mountain hills, and rocky river banks. Our custom vehicles in Boise are just what you need to venture out and explore the unknown. So let’s work together to build the custom 4×4 of your dreams with any accessories, layout designs, and even plumbing. We utilize only the best, heavy-duty components for all off-road terrains. At Recon Overland and Off-Road, we continuously develop new products, allowing our customers access to the biggest and best 4×4 vans.


We want you to experience the joys of the wild in the comfort of your custom trailer, van, and Cascadia tent. Call Recon Overland and Off Road to learn more about how we can build a custom off-road trailer, 4×4 van, and CVT tent so you can explore Idaho in a bigger and better way. Get started on your custom build today, so you’re ready to go for your next adventure.

Tap to Call: 208.779.5557