4 Wheel Drive Van Conversions

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These vans are designed to be built as expedition, camper, or special-purpose vehicles. The mission is to gain a measure of independence away from civilization but not forget about comfort and modern conveniences. Our 4-wheel drive van conversions are designed to handle rugged terrain and all types of weather. From the luxurious interior to trusted parts and accessories, you can’t go wrong with a 4×4 conversion van from Recon Overland and Off-Road.


We offer an extensive range of 4×4 adventure van conversion parts and components, including roof racks, roof boxes, roof tents, sleeping pods, winches, and suspension upgrades. Our 4-wheel drive conversions are designed to handle extreme conditions and are equipped with heavy-duty wheels, axles, and tires. We also equip our converted vans with all the accessories you need to enjoy your adventures while on the road, such as spare tires and awnings.

These vans are built to help you tackle any adventure. They have been customized for off-road terrain yet are still comfortable enough for your everyday drives. Each one has been designed with care, from choosing the best materials available to designing all components specifically for your van model. We start by hand-picking the highest quality 4×4 conversion components – from heavy-duty axles and lockers to capable suspensions and tires; we guarantee these vans will be able to handle whatever you throw at them!

Explore and adventure wherever you want to go. Our 4×4 van conversions are built to withstand whatever mother nature throws your way. If you love the outdoors but work indoors, we have the solution.


We want you to experience the joys of the wild in the comfort of your custom trailer, van, and Cascadia tent. Call Recon Overland and Off Road to learn more about how we can build a custom off-road trailer, 4×4 van, and CVT tent so you can explore Idaho in a bigger and better way. Get started on your custom build today, so you’re ready to go for your next adventure.

Tap to Call: 208.779.5557