Recon Overland Trailer

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At Recon Overland and Off-Road, we build custom overland trailers to take your next adventure to the next level. These trailers are equipped to drive over the rough terrain of Idaho for your self-guided exploration. Why settle for a bulky and hard-to-move trailer when you can upgrade to a custom-designed and backcountry-optimized off-road trailer?

Recon Overland Trailer is a custom-designed off-road trailer for all-terrain camping, hunting, and exploring the state of Idaho. It is built to have a small profile while still being large enough to haul everything you need for a comfortable overland adventure.


The Recon Overland Trailer is designed to safely haul you and your gear on adventures close to or far from home. Whether you’re going on a camping trip, weekend excursion, or road trip far from civilization, it’s built to meet your needs. This trailer is built with top-notch materials and craftsmanship that is built to last – from the tall walls and high ceiling for maximum storage space to the sturdy steel tubing frame that ensures that you’ll make it through that big storm.

This is the trailer that gives you the freedom to explore Idaho’s wilderness, from your own backyard to the furthest reaches of this great state. It’s a perfect complement for backcountry camping, hunting, and fishing trips in Idaho or simply as a workhorse for hauling equipment and supplies. Equipped with all the amenities you need to relax, cook and sleep out under the stars.

Built for adventure, our Recon Overland Trailer is ready to explore wherever your adventure takes you. Custom-designed, this is the ultimate off-road trailer for serious adventurers. If you’re looking for the ultimate camping trip, look no further than our Recon Overland Trailer.


We want you to experience the joys of the wild in the comfort of your custom trailer, van, and Cascadia tent. Call Recon Overland and Off Road to learn more about how we can build a custom off-road trailer, 4×4 van, and CVT tent so you can explore Idaho in a bigger and better way. Get started on your custom build today, so you’re ready to go for your next adventure.

Tap to Call: 208.779.5557